Friday, November 17, 2017

Foo Fighters Todd Slater San Bernardino Poster Release

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Todd Slater has released his Foo Fighters poster from CalJam that was the offical release for the new album Concrete and Gold. Poster measures 18x24 inches and has an edition of 100 signed and numbered by Todd.

Buy it at

BioWorkz QOTSA Amsterdam Poster Release

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BioWorkz did the poster for the Queens of the Stone Age show in Amsterdam last Sunday and damn it's sweet.

Poster measures 18″ x 24″ and is a 4 color screen print on special cream speckletone paper.

Regular edition is Signed, numbered and hand embossed edition of only 50 prints by artist Bioworkz
Foil Signed, numbered and hand embossed edition of only 30 prints by artist Bioworkz.
Static Storm Foil  Signed, numbered and hand embossed edition of only 20 prints by artist Bioworkz.

On sale Friday at at 11am PST at

Alexander Hanke Chuck Ragan & Julie Byrne Posters

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Alexander Hanke has released a couple of good looking new posters, read to learn more.

Chuck Ragan - Rolling Stone Weekender
Chuck has a song that’s called „Something may catch fire“ and this one was spinning in my head mixed with the knowledge of hie love to the forest. I choose to display a deer because he might be the king of the forest but is on the other hand very skittish and vulnerable. It’s an great analogy to the music of Chuck Ragan, these are sensitive songs performed by and energizing figure.
Price: 25€
Edition: 100
Screens: 5
Size: 40x60cm / 15.7x23.6in
Paper: Olin Smooth, Cream 250gsm

Julie Byrne
Story behind the print: In an interview I read that Julie is constantly on the road, mainly crossing the USA from left to right and sees all kinds of vegetation. Since it’s just her and a guitar this image started to evolve in my head. That’s why I tried to incorporate different vegetation zones in the print.
Price: 25€
Edition: 65
Screens: 4
Size: 40x60cm / 15.7x23.6in
Paper: Olin Smooth, Cream 250gsm

Guy Burwell Foo Fighters Tulsa Poster Release

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The Foo Fighters played in Tulsa, OK, at the BOK Arena. This Wide Open Spaced out theme featured a BOK’n Bronc straight from the Outer Limits. Guy Burwell's poster features a matte finish of dusty bowl blue or orange and a center figure popping out in Cosmic Gloss! Check them out, turn them this way and that and maybe wear sunglasses. Enjoy. There are TWO versions available, Blue and Orange and also a SET of one of each in matched numbers as long as they are available. There are a very small number of foil variants of each, also.

Buy them at

Arna Miller JonBenet's Tricycle Movie Poster Release By Sally Centigrade

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Sally Centigrade is taking a break from the Travel by Screen series this week for something a little different. Their first ever movie poster release brings together two of Denver's best creative minds. JonBenét's Tricycle is a new documentary by first time feature film maker Andrew Novick, and made its world premier at the Denver Film Festival.

Arna in her own words:
"I draw in pencil and use visual references from books and the internet. My aim is to create narrative illustrations that depict magical moments. I find inspiration in book illustrations, vintage packaging, matchboxes, magic show posters, and early-20th century illustrations.
I often use text to tell part of the story, but like to leave most of the narrative up to the viewer."
 Artist: Arna Miller
Size: 11" x 17" six colors on french cement green 100lb paper
Edition of 100

Available Friday November 17th at noon Mountain Time at!

Check out the trailer

JonBenets Tricycle - A Short Film (Extended) from Corbin Gill on Vimeo.

Lee Bermejo Justice League Movie Poster Release By Mondo

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On Friday Mondo will have remaining copies of Lee Bermejo's stunning poster for JUSTICE LEAGUE in celebration of the DC titans' first appearance on the silver screen. Lee's poster first premiered at MondoCon earlier this month and features a beautifully illustrated scene of these iconic heroes pressing forward into an epic battle. Lee is a total juggernaut of an artist and they couldn't be more stoked of how this poster turned out. JUSTICE LEAGUE opens in theaters Friday.

This poster will be on sale at a random time Friday at

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lars Krause Queens of the Stone Age Posters and More

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Lars Krause has released a bunch of posters with 2 from QOTSA plus a print of a mural he did.


Red/Silver Version Design by Lars P. Krause
5 Color Silkscreen on 36 x 71 cm 300 g/qm nature white cardboard
Printed in an Edition of 50, signed and numbered
40,- Euro

Purple/Gold Version
Design by Lars P. Krause
5 Color Silkscreen on 36 x 71 cm 300 g/qm nature white cardboard
Printed in an Edition of 50, signed and numbered
40,- Euro

Design by Susanne Magister
4 Color Silkscreen on 36 x 64 cm 260g/qm nature white cardboard
Printed in an Edition of 100, signed and numbered
30,- Euro

Design by Natalia Zimmermann
3 Color Silkscreen on 36 x 63 cm 300 g/qm sandcolored cardboard
Printed in an Edition of 100, signed and numbered
40,- Euro

Design by Lars P. Krause
6 Color Silkscreen on 48 x 69 cm 350 g/qm espresso colored cardboard
Printed in an Edition of 120, signed and numbered

More pictures of the mural at

Buy them all at

Tristan Eaton Pearl Jam Boston Signed Poster Release

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Tristan Eaton has dug into his archive and has a little something for Pearl Jam fans. For the holiday season he decided to launch this previously unreleased silk screen print for Pearl Jam at Fenway Park.

This print is 16" x 20" - 8 color silk screen, printed on 2 sides with hologram of authenticity, an edition of 200 pcs, signed and numbered. Each poster will be only $100. International shipping okay.

Available at on Monday, Nov. 20th. At Noon PST!!!

QOTSA San Bernardino Munk One Print Release

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Invisible Industries are pleased to be releasing Munk One's AP's of the Queens of the Stone Age Poster from the October 7th 2017 show in San Bernardino CA.
"For this design I wanted to include elements of some of my own experiences in the desert meshed with the energy I've received from the music over the years."-Munk One
Limited edition 18"x24" numbered AP's signed by artist Munk One will be made available while supplies last.
AP Edition of 35
Rainbow Foil AP Edition of 20
Pink Variant AP Edition of 50
Gold Foil AP Edition of 30

On sale Thursday Nov 16th, 2017 at a random time at

Teagan White PangeaSeed Kelp Forest Art Print Release

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PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest print of the ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 3 print suite by guest artist Teagan White (USA). The highlighted marine species of this edition is the endangered sea otter.

Artist: Teagan White (USA)
Title: "Kelp Forest"
Seven color screen print
Edition size: 75 regular and 25 variant (hand-embellished)
Dimensions: 18x24 inches

Available Thursday, November 16 at 12pm PST via

Artist statement:
My piece "Kelp Forest" depicts sea otters swimming among kelp, Garibaldi fish, and schools of sardines. I wanted to portray otters both in their natural environment, and literally intertwined with the marine life that they feed on and help sustain. What's sometimes overlooked in conversations about endangered and threatened species is the role one species often plays in a nuanced and interconnected ecosystem. Sea otters have a huge impact on their coastal habitat, preying on marine animals that consume kelp and maintaining the balance needed for the forests to support diverse life and reduce carbon levels.

The threats to sea otters are equally complex; food shortages have caused their habitat range to expand, putting some populations in danger as they encounter new threats like shark attacks, oil spills, fishing traps, toxic pollutants, and parasites. Habitat preservation, regulation of run-off and pollutants, responsible fishing practices, and oil spill prevention are just a few measures we can take to help sea otters continue their important work as regulators of coastal ecosystems. - Teagan White

MondoCon 2017 Posters Release Part 2

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On Thursday Mondo will have six MondoCon posters available - including the previously unreleased MASK OF THE PHANTASM (Variant) by Phantom City Creative.

Hot Fuzz by Rich Kelly. 24"x36" Screen Print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300.

Frankenstein by Drew Struzan. 18"x24" Screen Print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

Bride of Frankenstein by Drew Struzan. 18"x24" Screen Print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

Goodfellas by Marc Aspinall. 24"x36" Screen Print. Hand numbered. Edition of 225.

Labyrinth (Variant) by Ise Ananphada. 24"x36" Screen Print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Variant) by Phantom City Creative. 24"x36" Screen Print. Hand numbered. Edition of 175.

All products will be available at a random time Thursday (11/16) via

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Brandon Heart's QOTSA Munich Posters Release

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Brandon Heart really designed a nice Queens poster for the show in Germany.

All posters are 4 color screen prints on 18" x 24" paper, signed by artist Brandon Heart.

Regular edition (on special pearl white textured paper) of 50
Rainbow Foil edition of 30
Speckle Foil edition of 20

Available Wednesday, November 15th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Emek Ween San Francisco Posters Release

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1. WEEN "Vintage"
A double sided Silkscreen poster, signed & numbered on both sides!
Limited Edition of 111
Size: 16" x 24".
Price: $100 + shipping

This double sided poster is a tribute to Wes Wilson’s iconic 60’s imagery. Side A incorporates Ween's very early vintage imagery, with a 9 fingered, Jerry Garcia "Boognish" Ween Deity. Side B is a tribute to the very first psychedelic lettering that Wes Wilson created. (Emek repeated the band’s name several times…Wes Wilson was also the first person to repeat the name of a band 3 times, in his Byrds poster, called BG-57.)

On the bottom of the poster- this is printed: 'This piece is based on 2 early posters from Wes Wilson. He is credited for single-handedly pioneering what is now known as the psychedelic poster. In San Francisco, he invented a visual style that is now synonymous with the 1960s... the music, the peace movement, and the psychedelic era. In particular, he is known for inventing and popularizing the "psychedelic" font around 1966 and filling all available poster space with lettering, of creating fluid forms made from letters, and using flowing letters to create shapes. His work became the standard that most psychedelic artists followed. He helped put the "psychedelic" in the art. This poster is considered the very first psychedelic poster. Wilson's work grew into the mainstream, resulting in profiles in magazines including Time, Life, and Variety. His influence on pop-culture and graphic design is still felt to this day.

2. WEEN "Pinup"
A signed, numbered & doodled silkscreen print.
Limited Edition of 111.
Size: 17" x 24".
Price: $100 + shipping
This poster is based on Victor Moscosos' Neon Rose #6, Blues Project.

On the bottom of the poster- this is printed:This is a poster tribute... (a ridiculous bastardization)—of a vintage classic rock poster by legendary designer Victor Moscoso. (continuing my San Francisco tribute WEEN poster series...) Whereas Moscoso used a "retro sex symbol" from a previous generation for his original poster, Emek updated his version to a slightly more recent "retro sex symbol" from a previous generation. Then he "Ween-ized" it. Victor Moscoso is one of the most fascinating artists of the psychedelic era. The only academically trained artist among the leading "BIG FIVE" poster designers, he relied on innovative optical effects that gave his psychedelic posters a unique "vibrative" quality. Bright contrasting colors with no black ink line work... Moscoso's fame rests on the brilliant series of posters that he did for Chet Helms and the "Family Dog" and the "Neon Rose" series that he created for the Matrix in the 1960's. In 1968, Moscoso also became a leading artist for underground comix. He became one of the main contributors to Robert Crumb's legendary Zap Comix. While working in comics, Moscoso also designed magazine cover art, billboards and album covers. He continues to make vivid and inspiring art to this day...'

Please visit Emek's Store at click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page. The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between
12:00pm and 12:15pm PT on Thursday Nov. 16th.

Obey Giant Damaged Times Print By Shepard Fairey Release

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Shepard Fairey's largest solo show to date opened this past weekend in Los Angeles and this print was a part of it.
I created this print to commemorate and accompany the Damaged Times newspaper I published as a 26-page supplement to my show DAMAGED, on view Wednesday-Saturday from 11am-6pm until December 17 at 1650 Naud Street in Downtown, Los Angeles! There are articles written by Henry Rollins, Naomi Klein, David DeGraw, Arlene Mejorado, Gwynn Vitello, Evan Pricco, Simon Steinhardt, and me! The newspaper flips the standard model by having REAL news and FAKE ads! If you don’t like deterioration of mass media, be the media yourself! – Shepard
Damaged Times. 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450.

Available Thursday, November 16 at 10AM PST on in Store under Prints. Each print will come with a copy of Damaged Times.

Nicole Gustafsson Ratatouille Art Prints Release By Mondo

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On Wednesday Mondo are releasing the RATATOUILLE Original Soundtrack, and in partnership with their friends at Cyclops Print Works, they'll also have giclee prints of Nicole Gustafsson's gorgeous album artwork! The front and back cover artwork (Anyone Can Cook) and the interior gatefold artwork (Only the Fearless Can Be Great) will be available at 12PM CST at

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Niark1 Queens of the Stone Age Paris Poster Release

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Queens of the Stone Age are in Europe right now and French artist Sébastien Féraut aka Niark1 designed the poster for the Paris show last week.

QOTSA at AccorHotels Arena, Paris Nov. 7th 2017
Design by Niark1.
4 color screen-print
Regular Edition AP / Signed & numbered edition of 90.
Printed by French Paper AC
Size: 18 x 24 * 45€

Foil Variant Edition AP / Signed & numbered edition of only 22.
Printed by French Paper AC on Foil Paper.
Size: 18 x 24 * 75€

French Paper Art Club will have them on sale Tuesday at

Andy Fairhurst Spider-Man Art Print Release By Grey Matter Art

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Grey Matter Art, under license from Marvel, is proud to present a new officially licensed, limited edition poster for the classic comic characters Spider-Man and Green Goblin, by the very talented artist, Andy Fairhurst! They are very excited to be working with Andy for the first time; he has such an interesting take on Spider-Man and Green Goblin, and they think he did an amazing job!

Spider-Man by Andy Fairhurst
18" x 24" hand-numbered giclee print - $40
Edition of 125
Here is what Andy had to say about working on Spider-Man:
"It's been a huge honour to be given this opportunity to work on an official Spider-Man print for Grey Matter Art as I have been a lifelong Spidey Fan. This is the first piece I have done in collaboration with GMA and I totally jumped at the chance when they offered me the chance to do something Marvel related. I had to choose Spider-man, as much as I love the whole Marvel universe, it has been Spidey for me since I can remember. In this piece I aimed to get a window view perspective which I hope when framed and on a wall, will give it that extra something. The main thing I am proud of with this piece though, is the chance to collaborate with another artist, which I never really do. And so my first ever artist collaboration is with my 7 year old daughter Matilda, who herself is a massive Marvel Fan. I hope you like it :)"
Spider-Man by Andy Fairhurst will be released on Thursday, November 16th at 1PM EST at

Tom Roberts Hortus Art Print

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Tom Roberts has released a new print that is really nice, The print is Tom's personal visualization of creation myth. Looking after something fragile whilst wounded and tired.

(Latin for garden) The original drawing was inspired by creation mythologies. How celestial beings could nurture matter into existence.
These Giclée A3 (uk) sized prints are taken directly from the pencil drawing.
All prints are numbered and signed and limited to only 50.

John Vogl Omen Poster and Owl Prints

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John Vogl has a couple of new art prints featuring Burrowing Owls in two different settings plus the poster he did for Galerie F and the classic movie The Omen.

Head over to

Tristan Eaton Los Anger Print

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This past weekend at DesignerCon Static Medium debuted this new print from the Mural SuperMan Tristan Eaton. Titled Los Anger it's a Giclée print on Moab Entrada 290gsm Cotton Rag with a silkscreen glow-in-the-dark layer.
Measures 18" x 24"
Edition of 90 Hand signed and numbered by Tristan Eaton.

Buy it at

Monday, November 13, 2017

Zeb Love's Primus St Louis Poster Release

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Goblins are continuing to run amok as Zeb Love is about to release some colorful little troublemakers.

Zeb did the Primus poster for the St Louis concert a week ago Sunday on November 5. 
Tye posters are 18x24" - 7 Color Silkscreen - $45 - Edition of 200 (much less online).
They'll also be a rainbow foil variant with an edition of 39 - $75.
On sale at a random time Tuesday November 14 at

Tim Oliveira Eleven Pattern Art Print Release

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Tim Oliveira decided to do a little surprise drop tonight. "Eleven" is hte 6th print in Tim's ongoing "Pattern Series".

Standard Frame Size 16" x 12"
Signed & numbered edition of 11 in pencil.
These fine art giclee prints were printed with a Canon IPF8300 printer & high gamut 12 color Lucia pigmented inks on 100% Cotton Rag archival paper, OBA Free, cold press with texture, 305 gsm weight.

On sale now at

Darin Shock John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension and Jimmy Herring & the Invisible Whip Poster

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Darin Shock is dropping a new poster John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension and Jimmy Herring & the Invisible Whip. The print is from this past Thursday in Philadelphia and Friday in Newark.

Poster measures 18x24" and it's a 3 color screen print with very limited regular edition, rainbow and lava foil variants.

On sale at 2pm EST